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Kenworth Pinstripe Truck Embroidered Bath Sheet Towel

Kenworth Pinstripe Truck Embroidered Bath Sheet Towel

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This ultra-soft Embroidered Bath Sheet is perfect for wrapping yourself up after a warm bath. Crafted from 100% cotton fabric, the luxurious embroidery adds an elegant touch to your bath experience. Absorbent and long-lasting, this towel is sure to be a luxurious addition to your bath routine.

These bath sheets are 75cm x 1.5m which is a great size for anyone. 

We can do custom designs so please feel free to contact us for that or via our contact form. 

If you choose a light coloured towel then black details will be swapped with white and vice a versa. This is to ensure that all details show up the best as possible. This will be at our discretion but will not change the overall design. 

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